RASH The Film



Nicholas Hansen
Producer, Director, Writer, Camera, Editor

Three years in the making RASH is Nicholas Hansen's first feature film. With a fine arts background majoring in painting Nicholas has worked in short films, video clips and internet development for the last 12 years. The idea for a documentary film on new forms of graffiti in Melbourne grew on him as he witnessed an explosion of street art in late 2002.

Nicholas Hansen makes award winning arts documentary films across the narrative and experimental genres with a close interest in the areas of human rights and freedom of expression. Nicholas's work has screened internationally and his portfolio includes works for the online environment.

Nicholas's award winning documentaries on youth culture were recently selected for screening at 'Australian Short Documentary Films' in New York. Nicholas won Best Film and audience award at the MAFIA documentary film Festival 2004 with his film 'Urban Express'. Nicholas is an ATOM awards film finalist and has talked on panels on the subject of film making. Nicholas's short documentary 'EYE SAW' was screened nationally in 2004 as part of the 'Time to Go John' collection of short films.

Nicholas Hansen's degree studies in painting, photography and multimedia have cultivated his eye for color, sound, motion camera and editing resulting in dynamic, visionary and insightful film productions. Further information available at www.mutinymedia.com

Ryan Ritchie

Ryan John ‘RHyNO’ Ritchie vocals songwriter, Producer, Band Leader, has been singing since he was 12 – Australian boys choir, Cut his MC teeth in Melbourne’s underground Jungle Scene, won a state wide song writing contest at 18, has written three times for orchestra, currently leads TRUE LIVE, one of Melbourne’s most critically acclaimed groups: see www.truelive.com.au. Ryan has worked as a producer for various Hip Hop and Jazz acts and currently also performs as part of self sampling Electro Orchestral ensemble rah.

Has scored music for various films including Lily, an animated tale of love and loss under the communist rule of china, the winner of the St Kilda Film Festival short animation in 2003, MAFIA Music and Film Independent Film Festival winner Urban Express, The Neon Rollerballad, a feature length extreme sports documentary, released in Europe to over 8000 sales, Chaps Laps, a short documentary of Melbourne’s infamous Chapel St car culture, and Two Soldiers, a featurette about a war veterans acceptance of his daughters decision to fight in the gulf.

He currently runs his own production facility and writes music in Melbourne Australia.

Mnemonic Audio
Sound Post Production

Clark Randerson and Dallas Johnson from Mnemonic Audio have created music and sound mixes for films internationally as well as working on many local short and long form film and multimedia productions. www.mnemonicaudio.com



James Dodd

James Dodd grew up in South Australia and studied art in Adelaide. James moved to Melbourne to continue his art practice and has subsequently showed his work in galleries and on the streets extensively along the eastern seaboard of Australia. James’s street art has been reviewed in Australia in various books and articles and images of his work appear in international books on street art. James continues to show his work in galleries in Melbourne and more of his work can be seen at www.james-dodd.com


Writing since the early eighties KAB101 has developed a style reflective of his personality. His work is based on signature markings, mechanical wildstyles and nocturnal creatures that inhabit the darkest places. Kab101 likes to explore unseen territories, abandoned spaces, tunnels and doesn't mind leaving his work to be discovered as opposed to always hitting high profile places. His inspiration comes from subway graffiti, type, packaging, handwriting and a balance of nature and technology. For more of his work go to www.area101.com.au

Miles Allinson

Miles Allinson is a Melbourne artist and writer. He has exhibited variously around Melbourne and has published work in a number of Australian journals but prefers the unofficial opportunities provided by the street. He likes the rain and the way the city is filled with the incomprehensible mystery of so many other people. He would like his art to be a kind of poetic subversion, like a conversation held beneath the surface, where something wonderful is continuously being decided. mrcurly.blogspot.com


Psalm (not his real name) quit the world of architectural drafting to study graphic art. While not being fully employed as a graphic designer he has time to make street art and in the process makes Melbourne a more interesting space to live. In 1999 with a background in graffiti PSALM decided to take up stencilling. Nowadays he creates across a range of mediums which can be seen on the streets and his website www.psalm.com.au. PSALM has exhibited in a range of local and international group shows and has had his work featured in a number of magazines and websites both locally and overseas.


Sixten has spread his stencils from the streets of Sweden to the lane ways of Melbourne, Berlin and Copenhagen. His work has also been on display in galleries all across the USA, in Japan, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Australia on several occasions.

With inspiration drawn from extreme feelings of passion, angst, euphoria and rage, Sixten’s stencils provoke and amuse. Off the streets his art can be found in the books Stencil Pirates by Josh McPhee and Conform by Saskia Folk, as well as the upcoming book 'Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne'.

In September 2005 Sixten will tour Asia, painting and exhibiting in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Bangkok. www.thismachinekills.com

Tai Snaith

Tai Snaith is an artist and curator working in Melbourne and overseas. After graduating in art from VCA in 2002, Tai has received grants from City of Melbourne for her projects and a travel grant from the Australia Council to research art practices overseas. Tai is currently working as an associate producer of the 2006 Next Wave Festival under a mentorship with Marcus Westbury funded by the Australia Council. Tai conducts regular arts reviews on (Art Attack) with Jeff Kahn on Richard Watts show - Smart Arts on RRR radio station.



Councilor Darren Ray

Cr Darren Ray, 38, is an openly gay secular Jew who has been an elected Port Phillip councilor since March 1999. Representing East St Kilda and Balaclava, he is the Alma Ward councilor. As well as being the current Mayor, Darren was Mayor from 2002 to 2003.

A proud community activist since his late teens, Darren lists his particular passions as youth homelessness, affordable housing as well as gay and lesbian advocacy.
He is strongly motivated by a desire to empower people from all walks of life and experiences to participate fully in community life, having come from what he calls 'the wrong side of the tracks'. Part of his philosophy of empowering communities has included his public support for young people to be seen AND heard, and to express themselves with the support of council. He has therefore championed the expansion of legal graffiti sites throughout his local area.

Darren has also been a vocal advocate for progressive harm minimisation policies which saw him lead the public campaign for tolerance areas for St Kilda's street sex workers a few years ago. He is currently undertaking a part-time Masters degree in Planning & Environment at RMIT.

Councilor David Wilson

David Wilson is a councillor with the City of Melbourne and has a rich background in social sciences, having lectured in that area since 1981. Cr Wilson is Chair of the Community and Culture Committee. He has a passion for helping diverse groups work together to make Melbourne a great place to work, live, play and study, and was immediate past president of the residents’ group, Residents 3000. As chair of this committee he has been responsible for the release of the City of Melbourne's draft policy on Graffiti for public consultation.

Greg Barber
Mayor of the City Of Yarra 2003 - 2004

Greg Barber is a community activist based in Melbourne. He has been active in the Greens party for over 10 years and after being elected to the inner city Yarra Council in 2003, became the first Green Mayor in Australia.

With thanks also to all key cast and creative contributors
to the RASH documentary.


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